Knowing the Important Environment and Weather Condition of France

France is blessed with a range of topography that shows its large range of weather conditions as one travels from one area to another. In general, France can boast a genuinely temperate environment with hardly any extremes of temperature levels, except for the very cold conditions of its mountainous locations. Anywhere else, the environment is evenly moderate with the sun shining throughout the majority of the year specifically along the Mediterranean coast.

Weather controls

A reasonable conversation of weather controls should be gone over with recommendation to 5 primary areas – the north and northwest, main and eastern, the mountainous area, Mediterranean France and the southwest.

The North

In the north and northwest, the weather controls are the dominating winds from the Atlantic to the west. These winds bring torrential rains throughout the year to these French areas with yearly rains of 24 to 31 inches. Drier conditions happen in locations even more inland. Winters are moderate and summer times are warm.

The East

In the main and eastern parts of France, the environment is managed by the land itself which is warmed in summer time and cooled in winter season with hardly any changing maritime conditions. Winters are very cold with a lot of snow and summer times are hot with regular thunderstorms.

The controlling factor here is elevation which produces incredibly cold conditions in winter season and warm to heat in summer season. Rain typically relies on snow above the 1000 feet mark.

The area with a Mediterranean environment borders around the Mediterranean Sea which offers the eastern seaside part of France its special kind of environment of moderate summer season and winter season environments.

The South

The south western part of France is vulnerable to the results of the southern Atlantic breezes which provide the area a distinctively consistent and moderate environment due to the customizing influence of ocean breeze.

Weather areas

The environment of France is affected by 4 primary kinds of weather conditions.

Temperate maritime environment

This environment type is found in the west near the coast and is the environment for Brest. Here, winter seasons are moderate with temperature levels balancing 45 ° F throughout January and 63 ° F in July. Summer seasons are cool with temperature levels hovering at a typical 61 ° F in July. Rain is regular with quantities balancing 800 mm or 32 inches throughout a duration of 180 days yearly.

Mid-latitude continental environment

This continental type environment is found in the interior part of the nation where summer seasons are hotter and winter seasons have a more severe series of temperature levels. Throughout the summer seasons, temperature levels balance out at 64 ° F throughout July in Paris and in winter season, they drop to a low 36 ° F taking Paris once again as the prime area for their incident. Rain has the tendency to happen less frequently throughout the cold weather.

Mountain environment

This is the kind of environment that dominates in locations inhabiting the high mountainous locations. Temperature levels here are managed by elevation and winter seasons are long and ice-cold. Rain increases with elevation and typically takes place through snow in winter season, where many citizens in the area get 50 days of snow each year.

Mediterranean type environment

The 4th weather type is a Mediterranean type which is found in an area about 20 to 60 kilometres broad along the Mediterranean coast. Here, the environment looks like that of the locations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, where summer seasons are usually hot and dry and winter seasons are moderate and damp. The area just has a couple of days of rains each year which is perfect for vacations. The city of Marseille provides a prime example of this environment type with approximately 550 mm or 22 inches of rain throughout just 60 days of the year. Here, also, the sun shines for 3,000 hours each year.

The weather and environment in France is quite unique mainly because of its unique terrain. However, it is easy to adjust to it as the environment is consistent in this part of the world. If you are planning to travel or even transfer to France, you will surely love the weather and the environment, wherever you choose to go.